Growing Up Alaska Special

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The Book: Growing Up AlaskaE-Book Award

Memories of a Town, a time, a Place, and a People Planted in a Little Pocket of Wonderful

by Niki Breeser Tschirgi

Take a glimpse back to a unique time, place, and people in the interior of Alaska where “normal” was attending school at -60°F and so was carrying a flashlight to the bus stop both in the morning and afternoon.

Join Niki as she reminisces about her childhood in Tok (pronounced “Toke”). There was no internet or cell phones; TV and radio consisted of only one station, but none of that mattered. What did matter was the people, the experiences, and the memories they created together. Discover Bucky the Moose, Mukluk Land, colorful school memories, and the ups and downs of life in an isolated land. Laugh, and maybe cry a little, as you read about the community of Tok, and the people that made it special.

Here’s to remembering childhood….Here’s to Growing up Alaska.